Elektronisches Studio

Technische Universität Berlin, EN8

Studio 1 ("großes Studio")

Rebuild 1996, 76 sqm, diffused and dry acoustic, 12 Meyer-Loudspeakers UPL-1 with variable hanging mechanism 30 Degrees (5.1, 6.1 & 7.1 Surround-compatibel)

"Goßes Studio"

3D-View to "großes Studio" 1 (left) and Studio 2


Studio 2 ("kleines Studio")

46 sqm, diffused and dry acoustic, 8 speakers with variable hanging mechanism, 45 Degrees

View Studio 2 with the small WFS-Array


contains all noisy Equipment used in the studios and workstationroom;
all computers connected to Ethernet-Switches 100 Mbit (also 2 GBit) :

Computer-Room / other Hardware

Main Software:

Additional Hardware:

Archive - Room

used database is FileMaker Pro 8.5 including all media, recordings, productions, copies from the last 50 years

last modification: 24.8.2007 (F. Hein)